Augmented Reality Models for Enhanced Learning Experience of Physics Concepts

An app to visualise different concepts of Physics with the help of Augmented Reality

About this app

Augmented Reality Models for Enhanced Learning Experience of Physics Concepts is an app developed by Applied Physics Department of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
This app was made using augmented reality to make abstract concepts of physics easier to understand.
This project is supported by QEF (2017/1036) 

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Topics covered in the app 

Download PDF manuals to study with the app

Waves and Optics (Interference)

Wave can be described as a disturbance that travels through a medium and transports energy

Electromagnetic Principles

Electromagnetic force that occurs between electrically charged particles behaves following some principles, which are known as electromagnetic principles

Collision & Linear Momentum

Collision is a short-term interaction between two or more bodies which causes a change in the motion of the bodies due to internal forces acting between them 

Projectile Motions

Projectile motion is an object moving in a parabolic path under constant acceleration that perpendicular to the moving direction

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