A centralized experimental platform, including Borderless Lab 365, AP Sensor, Lab in Your Pocket and AR in Physics, is developed by the Department of Applied Physics (AP) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). This platform encourages students to perform experiments anywhere/anytime, make observations about daily environment and promote self-initiated as well as self-regulated learning.


Borderless Lab 365

Borderless Lab 365 is a web-based remote laboratory platform. Be registering the desired experiment on the website, users are able to real-timely and remotely control the setup residing in PolyU.


AP Sensor

AP Sensor is a mobile app that turn users’ mobile phones and the built-in sensors in mobile phones into a portable experimental laboratory.


Lab in Your Pocket

Lab in Your Pocket is a platform hosting real-time experiments readily connecting micro-controller (such as Arduino) to smartphones. Extended mobile sensors and app are free to be reserved and leased to local schools for educational purposes.


AR in Physics

AR in Physics is a mobile app to visualize different concepts of Physics with the help of Augmented Reality in enhancing learning experience.


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